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What is AIL SV?

The Alliance Innovation Lab – Silicon Valley (AIL SV) is an innovation arm for Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, collectively known as the Alliance. Our work combines innovations in technology and business to push the cutting edge of mobility.

AIL SV itself was born out of two complementary Alliance teams known as the Nissan Research Center and Renault Open Innovation, which joined efforts to help foster a new chapter in the future of mobility.

Collaboration with the unique Silicon Valley ecosystem is crucial to our work. AIL SV has partnerships with universities, community organizations, local governments, and other innovation labs. Together, we explore novel topics, prototype and pilot new solutions, and study the market.

Our projects consider the effects on all road users – from drivers to cyclists, or the occasional horse rider. We understand that the way the world moves today will affect how it develops tomorrow.

Nissan Alliance Innovation Lab


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